Mechanisms of Addiction Treatment and Ecological Observations (MATEO) Lab

What is the MATEO Lab?

The mission of the MATEO lab is to understand the etiology and treatment of risky/addictive behaviors.  As the name implies, a primary research interest is in understanding why, how, and for whom addiction treatment is successful.  The motivation of this research is to guide the development of novel interventions and the refinement of existing interventions as well as better tailor existing interventions to particular individuals/populations.  These goals can be greatly enhanced by the use of ecological momentary assessment (EMA) methods in which high quality data can be collected near real-time, which both reduces the likelihood that self-reports are biased and increases the ecological validity of the assessments (i.e., they can be collected in one’s natural environment).  All of my research is applied in the sense that I am strongly motivated to find the ‘real-world’ applications of my research.  In other words, I am interested in how my research can help improve people’s lives.