The Ecological Momentary Assessment Team (EMAT) is a collective of scientists examining antecedents and consequences of substance use at the daily level. Our first project was entitled 'Project Daily,' was focused on marijuana use on and around April 20th, and included data collection at three sites (Old Dominion University, Colorado State University, and University of New Mexico).

The first publication from this project examined how marijuana use/consequences differ on April 20th compared to other days. We were able to establish that prevalence and amount of marijuana use on 4/20 was greater than a typical weekday or weekend day, but overall level of intoxication and experience of negative consequences were similar.

Bravo, A. J., Pearson, M. R., Conner, B. T., & Parnes, J. E. (2017). Is 4/20 an event-specific marijuana holiday? A daily diary investigation of marijuana use and consequences among college students. Journal of Studies on Alcohol & Drugs,78, 134-139.

Additional manuscripts focused on use of protective behavioral strategies and marijuana use motives are under review.

Our next study will examine alcohol and marijuana use at the daily level to identify unique and combined effects on experiencing negative consequences.